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Hello, how are you?

Welcome, and great to meet you. Here's a little bit about me and why I set up Train Body Brain™. Enjoy!

I'm an upbeat, outgoing person, but I've also had depression during periods of my life. Exercise (among other things) has always helped me combat it. It's in my nature to be in a hurry to get things done - so fitness-wise, I've always been a fan of the no-nonsense, fast and effective High Intensity Interval Training class. A few years ago I became increasingly interested in the cold, hard scientific fact that mindfulness is the most powerful (and proven way) to ease symptoms of depression. I noticed too that I adored the calm feeling that comes from doing a yoga or meditation class.

This got me thinking - Why not devise a fitness class that combines all these elements into a one hour class. Two years ago I developed the Train Body Brain™ Method, originally for teenage girls to help combat the much reported teen mental health epidemic.

We now teach Train Body Brain™ sessions in London day schools, universities, colleges, charity organisations and businesses. Myself and Train Body Brain™ Trainers are seeing incredible results in all the adults, teens and children we've had the pleasure of teaching so far. Well that's the long and the short of it - enjoy the website and hopefully see you in class soon. Love Wendy x

Wendy Maclennan xxx

Founder & ceo

Wendy Maclennan

So, how does Train Body Brain™ work?

Train Body Brain™ is about building resilience mentally, physically and emotionally. Our classes provide you with fitness and meditation habits to support your wellbeing - both now and for the rest of your life. We put you in charge of your wellbeing.

Step one


OK, let's talk about HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training. This is a style of exercise that involves alternating SHORT, intense bursts of exercise with equally short REST or active rest recovery periods.

Why Choose HIIT?

HIIT is a 21st century approach to fitness. According to the World Health Organisation we should be getting at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise every day.

Life is fast and it's sometimes a struggle to fit exercise into an already packed week, that's why we love HIIT. We've found HIIT to be the quickest way to flood your brain with serotonin and endorphins. 20 minutes of HIIT gives you all the benefits of a 60 minute run.

Work out like Beyonce, relax like Buddha.

Step two

Positive Mantras

At Train Body Brain™ we LOVE a bit of Neuroscience. Studies have found that positive affirmations work - which is why we sprinkle inspiring mantras throughout every Train Body Brain™ Class. It's a no-brainer.

I am enough

Step three

Mindful Meditation

At Train Body Brain™, we realise that those two words to a lot of people can be very off-putting. We are here to tell you that you don't need to be of a Zen like disposition with the commitment of a Buddhist monk to benefit from this practice! In a nutshell, mindful meditation is simply noticing things. Yup, you heard it right - noticing the sounds around you, your thoughts, how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally, not judging or needing to change anything, simply observing it all with curiosity and kindness.

Meditation as a tool

Meditation is our tool of choice for you to add to your killer wellbeing toolkit - allowing you to rewrite your own mental health statistics!

Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally.

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Our Team

Welcome to the Train Body Brain™ Family. Introducing our team of motivational trainers & support staff who make the magic happen.

Founder & CEO

Wendy Maclennan

Director of Training

Georgie Gilmore

Lead Trainer

Lindsey Pryor

Social Media Assistant

Elinor Cope

Business Development Assistant

Daisy Clague

Director of Training

Georgie Gilmore

Georgie believes that movement and meditation are the greatest medicine and is passionate about sharing the joys and benefits of these incredible tools both with adults and also teenagers as they move through the important and often turbulent transition into adulthood and independence.

Having competed across the U.K. as a gymnast and swimmer in her childhood, exercise has always been an large and valued part of Georgie's life. Yoga and meditation found their place in her heart when she found the healing effects that these practices had on her mental health while faced with the challenges of University.

Storms make trees take deeper roots.

  • What would you say to your teenage self, given what you know now?

    Life is too short to spend another moment at war with yourself. Beauty and freedom begins the moment you decide to be yourself. To be yourself and love yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest revolution.

  • What are your best qualities?

    My caring and passionate nature, my love of life and all it's lessons.

  • What is the best advice you have ever received?

    Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears. Don't let your life be governed by your fears, habits or the opinions of others.

Lead Trainer

Lindsey Pryor

I found my love for all kinds of dance at a young age so after school I headed to Northumbria University and completed a BA Hons Degree in Dance Choreography. While studying, I was a member of the North Stars Cheerleading Squad where we got to compete nationally. Once finishing University I was lucky enough to perform all over the world with The International Allstarzz as well as dance for brands such as the BBC, MTV and ITV. 

While training I found my love for fitness and so decided to follow my passion for teaching. I became a qualified Level 2 Cheerleading Coach and now coach the Elite teams and School of Cheer at Saracens Sport Foundation. I also trained as a Level 2 Fitness Instructor and teach a variety of classes around London. I feel so lucky to be able to teach so many amazing people and help them feel better in their mind and body.

  • What's the best advice you've ever received?

    "Just try it - you never know, you might enjoy it." I used to be a really fussy eater and my mum really struggled to get me to try new foods. Now I use this advice on a daily basis when I'm struggling with something new or different!

  • What are your best qualities?

    I am organised, energetic and thoughtful. However my energy can sometimes be a downside because I often find it hard to relax!

Our mission

The serious side!

We provide an inclusive, integrative approach to sport for the 21st century.

We integrate fitness with meditation to support mental health.

We will always be about how exercise makes you feel, rather than how exercise makes you look.

We offer an antidote for ALL people living in the digital age, providing them with a dedicated outlet for self-care where they can nourish body and brain.

We give our students self-care tools that can support them for the rest of their lives.

We believe that all should have access to fun exercise, particularly those who don’t consider themselves "sporty".

Train Body Brain™ is inclusive and will be accessible for every single teenager and adult alike.

What people are saying about us


Denise Lewis OBE

British Track & Field Olympic Gold Medallist

“Train Body Brain™ is such a great initiative for young girls to have access to, mental health amongst young people is at an all-time low in the UK and we have had limited practical support or solutions to offer them until now.

Combining cardio and mindful meditation is genius and gives girls an opportunity to reconnect through the power of breathing techniques, together with healthy life affirming mantras and the natural endorphins associated with exercise. In highly stressful situations, where high achieving girls feel the need to excel at everything, they often neglect how much the anxiety is manifesting itself with- in them so taking part in a Train Body Brain™ session is a great way to let go. Speaking from personal experience, exercise can work wonders for a positive mindset and I really believe in and support the Train Body Brain™ mantra.”

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Team Wellness Day


New York

As part of our company wellness day - our team kicked off the days events with a Train Body Brain session. We were pushed to our cardio vascular limits and empowered by the positive mantras and meditations. It acted as a very bonding experience for all of the participants - many of whom had not met each other before.


Jonelle Awo

Croydon Youth MP & Teen Train Body Brain Ambassador

Growing up in the age of social media is not easy. As you are deciding who you are, you are faced with alternate views telling you who you must be, from the moment you turn to your phone or look at the television.

Train Body Brain™ helps young people at some of  the hardest times of their lives to be free from the pressures of social media and negative opinions and simply be happy! Train Body Brain™ operates in schools as a club and also in the community to enable young people to take control of their lives by engaging in mindful fitness. Definite recommendation!

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Tina Hobley

Actor & Radio Presenter

I used to hate traditional exercise classes! Last year I was introduced by a friend to Train Body Brain™. The combination is just fantastic and a real time saver. After each class - not only have I ticked off my daily exercise with the HIIT & strengthening sections, but I always come away feeling more positive, calm and focussed for the rest of the day. Highly recommend it!


Julie Lynn Evans

Leading Child Psychotherapist

As an adolescent psychotherapist I am seeing too many depressed young girls who are stressed, sleepless, anxious and unhappy. Train Body Brain, with its High Intensity cardio work, mindful meditation, sense of fun and positive social interaction is the best thing that I can suggest for the overwhelmed teenagers of today.

London Day School

St Paul's Girls School

This class just ticks all the boxes. The mix of high intensity training, core and strength work, alongside mindful mantras and mediation is unique and something that our puplis have responded very well to. They leave the sessions energised and most importantly feeling good about themselves. 



Mark Allin - Brand Activation Manager

"We are very happy and proud to support Train Body Brain™ and all the work they do in education, community and the workplace"                        

Just a few of our happy clients